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It causes water pollution, combustible faucets and earthquakes. Which is probably why doctors, scientists and voters are all calling for a ban on fracking. So why are so many politicians still supporting this dirty mining practice?

Click here to tell Congress to stop listening to the frackers and ban hydraulic fracturing NOW.







HUGE - Obama Rejects Keystone Pipeline - 1/18/2012

Congratulations! President Obama has listened to your call to reject the Keystone XL pipeline, which was planned to run from Canada's oil sands all the way to refineries in Texas.*


Shutting down Big Oil - 1/ 2/2012

Despite causing most of the pollution in America, we still give the biggest oil companies $41 Billion dollars a year in tax breaks and subsidies. If you're ready to do something about it click here to take action.


Rick Perry certainly can't catch a break - 10/ 3/2011

As I've read countless article after countless article about how Rick Perry is a presidential contender because TEXAS IS GREAT, I've thought, 'don't people look at the long view?'


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