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President Obama & EPA Protect Public Health, Announce Landmark Mercury Standard for Power Plants 12/21/2011

Today, President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the first-ever nationwide standard for mercury and air toxics pollution from power plants.

Senate Passes Electric Rate Hikes to Underwrite Dirty Coal 11/29/2011

Power politics prevailed over environment and ratepayer costs today, as the Illinois Senate voted to force Illinois citizens and businesses to purchase power from a proposed coal plant operated by Tenaska, an out-of-state corporation

Clean Cars would Save Illinoisans $11 Million this Thanksgiving Weekend 11/23/2011

As Illinoisans prepare for one of the busiest travel holidays of the year, a new Environment Illinois report finds that more efficient cars would make significant cuts in oil use and save Illinoisans over $11 million dollars at the gas pump this Thanksgiving alone.

Energy Efficiency Headquarters

Visit Our Energy Efficiency Headquarters

Increasing energy efficiency makes economic sense and is also one of the best ways for Illinois residents and businesses to have a direct impact on their environmental footprint. Visit our Energy Efficiency Headquarters for more info.


Illinois Passes Bold Energy Reform Legislation

With the clock winding down on the 2009 legislative session, the Illinois General Assembly stepped up by passing comprehensive Environment Illinois-supported energy reform legislation that will bring energy efficiency standards for natural gas utilities to Illinois.  See our press release.

Illinois Moves Ahead With Vital Efficiency Standards for New Homes

On its last weekend of session, the Illinois General Assembly moved forward on key environmental legislation by passing energy efficiency standards for new homes. See our press release.

Chicago Aldermen Unanimously Pass Nation's First Municipal BPA Ban

Chicago City Council unanimously passed the nation’s first municipal ordinance to protect children’s health by eliminating the toxic chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) from baby bottles and toddler’s sippy cups sold in Chicago. See our press release.


Our Latest Reports

Gobbling Less Gas For Thanksgiving: How Clean Cars will Cut Oil Use and Save Americans Money 11/23/2011

We can cut our oil use and reduce dangerous air pollution by requiring automobile manufacturers to meet stronger global warming pollution and fuel efficiency standards. Adopting the strong fuel efficiency standards currently under consideration is our nation’s greatest opportunity right now to reduce America’s oil consumption, cut global warming pollution from the transportation sector, and deliver important economic benefits to both consumers and businesses—including saving Americans billions of dollars at the pump.

Danger in the Air: Unhealthy Air Days in 2010 and 2011 9/22/2011

All Americans should be able to breathe clean air. But pollution from power plants and vehicles puts the health of our nation’s children and families at risk.

In the News

Editorial: Kirk should back greenhouse gas regulation 3/28/2011

The days of ignoring greenhouse gases should be behind us, making it particularly disappointing that U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk is preparing to join forces with those who wish to do so.

Some Good (And Green) News Out Of Springfield 5/30/2009

Amid the turmoil in the General Assembly this week, environmentalists and consumer groups quietly earned a big victory on Thursday night, passing a sizeable energy efficiency reform package (SB 1918) through both chambers.